Cookbook author Stacy Adimando contributed this hearty recipe for the classic Italian soup. She recommends using Mutti tomatoes and tomato paste for an authentic and fresh tomato base. Follow along in the video above as Adimando adds the vegetables in a certain order to build a deep and rich flavor. 
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Pasta e Fagioli
Nothing warms the soul better than a bowl of hearty, hot soup. In my house, that usually comes in the form of minestrone, escarole and bean, or pasta e fagioli. Translating to pasta and beans, this robust dish is ideal for a one-pot dinner, with some crusty bread for dipping. The richness of the plum tomato paired with the weighty cannellini beans makes for a nice base. Blend with a bold combination of garlic and red pepper flakes and we're in business. Perfect for the chill in your bones during fall and winter nights, these simple steps will leave you cozy in no time. Click here to see Cozy Comfort Food Recipes. 
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