Top Rated Curry Chicken Recipes

Curry Chicken Burgers
Ground chicken can taste bland and often has a texture that's tough to work with, but with the addition of curry powder, onions, and peas, plus some bread crumbs, you have a unique, hearty burger with the health benefits of lean protein. Chutneys are usually made with a fruit like mango or pineapple but the sweetness and the acidity of cherry tomatoes (which, hey, are also fruits) are perfect in a mixture in which sweet and sour are neccessary — and refreshing. Click here to see 7 Must-Try Burger Recipes. 
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Green Chicken Curry
"In this quick and easy recipe that never fails, the chicken stays moist and tender. Serve over jasmine rice for a satisfying meal."-lausThis recipe is courtesy of laus via
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Chicken Skewers
Juicy, spiced chicken skewers are even tastier when dipped with a sweet, salty, curry sauce.This recipe is courtesy of Once Upon a Chef.
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