Sea Island’s Executive Chef Jonathan Jerusalmy is a native Frenchman and has incorporated his French influence into the holiday menus of the resort’s various restaurants with dishes like Chestnut Soup, Foie Gras Flan and Croque-en-Bouche.  “Having not spent the holidays with my family in more than 20 years, the way to feel close to them during this time of year is through the smell and taste of holiday dishes I remember. These dishes cradled my childhood and inspired me to become a chef.”
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Zeppole di San Giuseppe
Father's Day in Italy, Switzerland, Portugal, Spain, Lichtenstein, is celebrated annually on the feast day of St. Joseph. This feast has many ancient origins that began as the vigil of the spring equinox, in ancient times. The courses consist of bitter orange slices drizzled with local olive oil, freshly baked bread, sweet and sour giardinera, chickpeas, beans, peas, rice, baccalà (cod), cicherchie beans, maccheroni baked with breadcrumbs, fruit, and dessert. Dessert for this meal is usually a traditional zeppole or bignè, or even a St. Joseph fritter. The bignè and zeppole are very similar and called different names in different regions of Italy.
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