Top Rated Corn Pudding Recipes

corn pudding recipe
This recipe truly highlights two of our favorite produce products: corn and tomatoes.  For best results, never refrigerate your tomatoes - the cold will ruin both their flavor and texture.For this dish and more, click here for our roundup of every recipe you'll need to get through the holidays. 
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Corn Pudding with Bacon and Leeks
When I cook, the flavors always start in my head. I usually pick a central ingredient and then build the dish from there. I love making this delectable and creamy corn pudding in the summer, when the corn is so fresh and sweet. The leeks and the bacon add the salty, smoky, and earthy elements to the dish, making this a great complement to any entrée. I usually find myself eating it all by myself, it's that good! — Jackie M. Lee, private chef-author Click here to see Corn for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and Dessert.
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