Cookie Cake with Chocolate Coffee Frosting
Bigger is better sometimes, especially when you’re talking about cookies. Slightly sneaky, this recipe includes whole-wheat flour and chopped walnuts. Top with an easy homemade frosting or just serve alongside a scoop of ice cream. Click Here to See More Cake Recipes
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chocolate coffee four
Coffee flour is not just any other superfood. It checks off all the boxes of the perfect alternative baking flour, and then some; it’s nutritious, gluten-free, and easy-to-use. But the best part is that coffee flour is more than just a great baking product to keep in your pantry. It was born from a mission of sustainability.Every year, billions of pounds of coffee fruit are discarded as a byproduct of coffee production. Instead of leaving the fruit to rot as waste, coffee flour was created to convert the leftover fruit into a tasty, nutritious flour that can be used for baking, cooking, and making beverages. High in fiber, protein, and antioxidants, coffee flour is also naturally gluten-free. Not only is our coffee flour a perfectly versatile ingredient, it also helps create jobs for farmers and protect the environment.Recipe comes courtesy of Find the original recipe here. 
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