Top Rated Chicken Tinga Recipes

Chicken tinga
Chef Juan Pablo Loza, from Maroma Resort in Mexico, created this recipe as one of his specialties. He describes it as a mix of whatever you have left in the refrigerator.
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Tiny Tostadas of Smoky Chicken Tinga with Avocado and Aged Cheese
It’s rare to pass a restaurant, snack shop, or street stall in the Central Mexican town of Puebla without getting a whiff of the alluring aroma of shredded pork with smoky chipotle chile, tomato, and sweet onion. Tinga they call it, and they spoon it into soft tacos or crusty rolls. I like to serve tinga piled onto crispy tortillas (tostadas, tostaditas, or totopos, they call them), then top it with the typical Pueblan avocado and cheese. Tingas are often made with chicken, and occasionally chef Rick Bayless goes further afield, to shredded smoked fish or quail. This recipe comes from Negra Modelo. Click Here to See More Mexican Recipes
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