Top Rated Chicken Tawook Recipes

Chicken Tawook Skewers
What is it with food on a skewer that makes it so appealing? Is it more fun to eat? Is it the individual portions? Ease of handling? Or, does it remind us of our childhood love for Popsicles and lollipops? I don’t know... All I know is that this is one of my favorite recipes for chicken and I do have many. The recipe I am sharing with you today is the result of so much trial and error. You see, shish tawook is a famous Middle Eastern dish that you will find on the menu of each and every restaurant that serves Mediterranean food and I am nothing if I don’t love a challenge. All I have to say about this recipe is... We don’t order shish tawook when we eat out any more. See all grilling recipes. Click here to see 15 Great Grilled Chicken Recipes.
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Chicken kabobs
This simple Lebanese grilled chicken dish is often served with grilled ground lamb kebabs and grilled vegetable. You can also serve it in a pita as a sandwich.
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