Jollof Chicken and Rice
Clean-up is a breeze when preparing this one-pot jollof chicken and rice. Courtesy of Campbell Soup Company
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While you're at work, your slow cooker is working, too, simmering this flavorful chicken and rice meal. Golden curry powder, a combination of 15 flavorful ground spices, provides a warm flavor twist to this delicious recipe.This recipe is courtesy of McCormick.
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Chicken Rice Paprikash
This hearty chicken rice paprikash is an easy one pot rice dish. The broth is flavored simply with onions, paprika, salt and vegetable flakes, which infuse the chicken as it simmers away. For a more detailed look at how to make this dish, check out our video demonstrating this one pot chicken paprikash recipe.  
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One Pot Caribbean Jerk Chicken & Rice
This one pot jerk chicken and rice meal can be cooked either entirely in a large skillet or in an Instant Pot. Courtesy of McCormick
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