Top Rated Chicken Marinade Recipes

Sam Can Chicken
Be the winner at this weekend's tailgate with this fantastic recipe by Chef David Burke. Click here to see 101 Ways to Cook Chicken
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“This is a simple dish that anyone can make especially for the busy working professional,” says Chef Chris Haywood. “It’s easy, healthy, delicious and full of flavor.” — Chef Chris Haywood of Click here to see 10 Amazing Chicken and Avocado Recipes
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This marinade recipe is used for Casa Nonna's Polleto Chicken dish, translated to "Devil's Style Chicken," for it's spicy kick.
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Florida Orange Chicken Marinade
An easy grilling recipe from the Florida Department of Citrus. A quick citrus marinade makes for flavorful kebabs.Click Here to See More Chicken Recipes
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Long-Grain Rice
In Midtown Manhattan, you’ll see (and smell!) chicken and rice carts on almost every city street. Office lunchers and late-night eaters alike love the chicken-and-rice platters (which rarely cost more than $5) as hearty and spicy meals on the go; we’ve replicated those Styrofoam-packaged meals here.
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