Top Rated Chicken Dinner Recipes

Chicken Calvados
Calvados is the famous apple brandy of Normandy, and the bonnes femmes of Normandy often use the spirit to flavor their cooking. But don't feel like you have to buy a bottle of the real thing for this chicken breast recipe. If there's an apple brandy made in your region, reach for that over calvados. As for the apples, use the best locally grown apples you can find. After all, the more local your products, the more true-to-France your cooking will be.
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Roast-Chicken-Dinner Ramen
A good roast chicken is one of the best things you can put in your mouth. And ramen? It should officially replace chicken noodle soup as the most comforting food on earth. Together, they make magic: the undeniably awesome aroma of a bird roasted with garlic, thyme, and sage infused into an umami-packed broth teeming with addictively chewy noodles. Because the dish is essentially just a really good chicken soup, I’d happily eat it with any noodle, from the proper ramenI recommend to thin Chinese wheat noodles, Japanese udon, or fresh fettucine. Even elbow macaroni would hit the spot.Excerpted from the book ASIAN-AMERICAN by Dale Talde with JJ Goode. Copyright © 2015 by Dale Talde, LLC. Reprinted by permission of Grand Central Life & Style. All rights reserved.  
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