Top Rated Cheese Enchilada Recipes

Ancho Chile
Joe Gracey on these enchiladas: "Enchiladas… are a part of all Mexican regional cooking, but each area’s enchiladas are different, with different peppers, sauces, and fillings determined by local custom, climate, and produce. The Texas enchilada (… Texas does have its own unique, valid form of 'Mexican' food… ) is a corn tortilla wrapped around a cheese or meat filling and heated in a red chile sauce. Unfortunately, over the years it has tended to devolve into what I call the 'truck stop enchilada', which usually means corn tortillas stuffed with ground beef and covered in canned beef chili and tons of yellow Cheddar cheese from Wisconsin. I love Wisconsin Cheddar and I also make my own fabulous Texas chili con carne… but to put them into an enchilada dish is to misuse both with unfortunate results, both culinarily and digestively. I remember when in my DJ days in the early '70s Ry Cooder came to Austin to do a concert on the UT campus and I took him out to eat Tex-Mex at one of the '50's style joints in town. He got one of those big ol' giant platefuls of truck stop enchiladas with rice and refried beans and it was all he could do to go onstage that night for the massive stone lump in his stomach." "A good 'real' Texas enchilada uses a light flavored, decent white Mexican cheese or a Monterey Jack, and not a whole lot of it, and a red pepper chile sauce with no meat in it. Filling, yes, but also digestible." Good chicken stock will improve this dish. Better yet is Gracey's Mexican-Style Chicken Broth.
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