Top Rated Chanterelle Recipes

This is a delicious fall pizza that's elevated by the use of woodsy chanterelle mushrooms and nutty Gruyère cheese. Click here to see 15 Better Than Takeout Pizza Recipes
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In paella, the focus is rice cooked in an intense stock, with meat adding flavor, but meat has taken over and often the paella emerges with the meat cooked perfectly but the rice overcooked and mushy. Dirt Candy's paella focuses on cooking the bomba rice perfectly, and we use a toasted rice crisp to get the sweetness of socarrat into the dish.    Click here to read the full story on Dirt Candy: A Cookbook. 
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Creamy Mushroom Risotto
This recipe borrows a trick from Thomas Keller, who mixes in softly beaten heavy whipping cream at the very end for a super luxurious risotto.
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