Top Rated Caprese Salad Recipes

This delicate arrangement of fresh mozzarella, basil and tomatoes creates a caprese wreath that's drizzled with a delicious balsamic glaze. Recipe courtesy of Lidl
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caprese skewers
Caprese salad is about as classic and simple as a dish can get, which is why presenting it in a less-than-expected way can add an extra special touch. Layering the essential elements — fresh tomatoes, mozzarella, and basil — on toothpicks looks great and also makes it easy for your guests to grab the perfect bite.  Click here to see more Tasty Tomato Recipes.
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Green Tomato and Cantaloupe Caprese Salad
A few weeks ago, I would have described green tomatoes as unripe anomalies — complete strangers to my kitchen. After developing this recipe, however, I now consider them to be deliberately firm and slightly sweet friends of mine. A simple and refreshing take on Caprese salad, this dish is the perfect introduction to those little green flavor machines. Combined with bright orange cantaloupe and fresh mozzarella at its base, the recipe takes hold of several savory and sweet components and takes your palate for a ride. See all salad recipes. Click here to see Green Tomatoes for Everyone.
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