Top Rated Caponata Recipes

Baby lamb chops
These quick and easy lamb chops are served with an eggplant caponata and topped with a bright and refreshing mint vinaigrette. 
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Caponata is an authentic Italian dish of stewed eggplant and other seasonings. Chef John Brandt-Lee of Avalon Restaurant uses crispy flat bread as a vehicle for enjoying the savory mixture.  Click here to see 11 Classic Antipasto Recipes for Summer.
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This recipe produces what seems like a lot of caponata. But then we start using it and bringing it to friends, and suddenly it doesn’t seem like so much. In any case, I need to do something with my eggplant crop and, frankly, making a lot of caponata is hardly more bother than making less. Furthermore, caponata keeps well and is a good addition to any meal, a light lunch with cheese or on the dinner table with grilled meats or fish—it is even lovely with eggs. But you can cut the quantities in half if you like. Recipe courtesy of Katchkie Farm
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Looking to switch up the dips you serve this fall during football season? This eggplant caponata is easy to make, elegant, and great new dip to enjoy when you feel like giving the basics a rest.
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