Top Rated Butterflied Chicken Recipes

Gai Yang
In 1988, my father, Bruce, sold his restaurant Rose et LeFavour in St. Helena, Calif., and took off to spend his first of several winters in Bangkok. He rented a small house on a dirt street, Soy Pra Atit, just four blocks away from the Bang Lamphu shopping district. On the hottest days, tired from studying Thai at the language school, he would walk down to a takeout restaurant in that neighborhood where they cooked and sold only one item — gai yang. (The literal translation of gai yang is "cooped chicken" as opposed to gai ban, which means "yard chicken.") He’d stand in a long line to order and then hang around for 15 to 20 minutes while the chickens grilled over a big charcoal fire. The wait was worth it. Half a large chicken, blistered and juicy, was 18 baht (50 cents), a whole was 30 baht (80 cents), and each order came with a cup of sauce and a large scoop of jasmine rice. He ordered his chicken cleaved into wonderfully irregular bony bits, and that’s how I recommend you do it here. Click here to see 15 Great Grilled Chicken Recipes.
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Try this chicken recipe for something different. It gives some delicious heat and smokiness! 
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Chicken Cordon Bleu
Chicken cordon bleu has gotten a reputation over the years as a recipe that's not exactly easy to prepare. It's a traditional roulade, which takes some skill and a deft hand for balance, and the fact that it's breaded and fried is never a great inspiration. This preparation, however, uses only a few ingredients and gives you all the luxuriousness of a traditional chicken cordon bleu without the mess and fuss. It's quick and easy, and a great way to impress your guests (and family).
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