Top Rated Brown Butter Sauce Recipes

Butternut Squash Ravioli in Thyme Brown Butter Sauce
Brown butter is the easiest sauce to make and it really allows fresh butternut squash ravioli to shine in this five-ingredient, 15-minute meal. Click Here to See More Ravioli Recipes
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Pan-Seared Scallops with Sunchoke and Meyer Lemon
Sunchokes are prepared three ways in this recipe from executive chef David Diaz of Brasserie Beaumarchais — as a purée for the base, roasted for the centerpiece, and fried into chips for garnish. A Meyer lemon purée and brown butter lemon sauce add some fruitiness and richness to perfectly cooked scallops.
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Gnocchi is an easy pasta dish to make at home, and with the addition of a classic fall staple like sweet potatoes, it becomes one of the easiest dishes to whip together for your Thanksgiving celebration.
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Butternut Squash Pasta with Sage Brown Butter
Browning butter creates a deep, almost nutty flavor. Throw in some shallots and a few fresh sage leaves and you have a delicious and extremely easy sauce that's perfect with just about everything — proteins, pasta, vegetables. For this dish, I roasted butternut squash, mixed it into whole-wheat pasta, and topped the whole dish with the decadent, buttery sauce. See all butternut squash recipes. Click here to see Butter vs. Olive Oil: What's Better?
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Jewel Sweet Potato Ravioli with Sage Brown Butter Sauce
If you like to make fresh pasta dough, make a batch and roll it out for these ravioli. Alternatively, buy fresh pasta sheets, then roll them slightly thinner, and cut them into strips to form individual ravioli. Store-bought wonton wrappers make this recipe even easier for anyone who doesn't have a lot of time to spend in the kitchen. See all sweet potato recipes. Click here to see Root Vegetables Don't Have to Be Boring.
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