Top Rated Blackened Chicken Recipes

New Orleans-Style Blackened Chicken Wings
After picking up a blackened seasoning mix from New Orleans, we decided to throw it on a batch of wings to see how it would turn out — the skin was crisp, flavorful and absolutely delicious. Alternatively, you could make a spice mixture of your own, or use a pre-made cajun seasoning mix for this recipe. Click here to see The Ultimate Wing Party story.
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Pulled Blackened Chicken with Toasted Couscous
Manna, a 24-hour Middle Eastern/Mediterranean restaurant that is just down the street from my apartment in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, makes great traditional dishes like okra hummus and stuffed grape leaves — but my favorite by far is their roasted chicken with turmeric-scented couscous. It's a dish that should be on everyone's weeknight to-do list.  Click here to see 'Sweet' Cooking Advice from Sam Talbot.
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Broiled Chicken
A quick-and-easy recipe for chicken that's topped with crunchy peanuts. Try serving it with roasted vegetables like asparagus as shown or even wild rice. Click here to see more peanut recipes.
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