Top Rated Black Cod Recipes

Spicy Black Alaska Cod
Recipe Courtesy of Wild Alaska SeafoodThese Spicy Alaska Black Cod Lettuce Cups are a perfect addition to a summertime meal. The ginger, miso, and Korean chili paste add a rich layer of flavor to the light lettuce cup. In addition to the Alaska Black Cod, the quinoa and avocado make this a protein packed recipe rich in healthy oils and omega-3 fatty acids.  
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Olive Oil-Poached Alaska Black Cod With Herb Broth
Recipe Courtesy of Alaska SeafoodThis light entrée is an ideal dish for a cool spring evening. Poaching the cod in olive oil retains its moisture while imparting a subtle, earthy flavor. After poaching, serve the fish over an herbaceous broth of garlic, onion, dry white wine, and thyme.
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Even my mother made a pretty good nitsuke— that’s how easy this dish is to cook. A familiar mixture of dashi, sake, mirin, and soy sauce infuses the fish with its flavor and turns a modest collection of ingredients into something that’s exciting and comforting at once. Because it takes only a little extra effort and adds a ton of flavor, I like to break with tradition and reduce the cooking liquid into a more intensely flavorful sauce.Recipe excerpted with permission from Mastering the Art of Japanese Home Cooking by Masaharu Morimoto. Click here to purchase your own copy.
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Black Cod with Miso
This sweet and silky fish dish from Nobu New York has been cloned at restaurants all over the country. It's fairly straightforward to make. The fish marinates overnight in just enough sake and miso to coat. Quickly searing the cod, then finishing it in the oven, creates a beautifully burnished crust. Click here to see What Fish Should You Be Eating Now for Flavor, Health, and Environment.
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