Best Grilling Pairings with King’s Hawaiian Buns slideshow

You’ll love these surprising and delightful grilling ideas

The ‘BAG’ Burger

The “BAG Burger epitomizes the idea of go big or go home. Two grass-fed beef patties are topped with avocado, bacon, red onion, jalapeño and American cheese to knock your socks off — you’ve never had anything quite like this before. 

Grilled Vegetable Sandwiches From Cupcakes and Cutlery

The grill isn’t exclusively the domain of meaty concoctions — these Grilled Vegetable Sandwiches From Cupcakes and Cutlery prove that vegetarian sandwiches are just as good, if not better, than burgers and dogs! 

Hawaiian Pizza Dogs

With pineapple, pizza sauce, and bell pepper, Hawaiian Pizza Dogs put a real summer spin on your favorite pizza combination. No tip necessary! 

The Maui Burger

The Maui Burger is enhanced by the addition of teriyaki sauce, a neat trick that imparts flavor without much fuss. 

Honey BBQ Tri-Tip Sandwich

You don’t need to grill to make a sandwich. But when it’s a Honey BBQ Tri-Tip Sandwich, it’s absolutely worth the effort. The quick pickles really put this over the top! 

Grilled Ham and Pineapple Sliders

Grilling fruit concentrates the flavors, transforming it into something truly exceptional. These Grilled Ham and Pineapple Sliders feature an easy homemade barbecue sauce to top it all off.