Best Grilling Pairings with King’s Hawaiian Buns

You’ll love these surprising and delightful grilling ideas
King’s Hawaiian Maui Burger

A juicy hamburger covered in melted cheese and sweet pineapple with a wonderful Shichimi Aioli

Try these fun pairings for your next barbecue!


It’s just too hot to cook in the summer. Every time the stove or oven is turned on, the kitchen temperature soars. The next thing you know, you’re languishing on the couch, unable to summon the energy to eat, let alone clean up. Nobody wants a sauna on a late July day.

Best Grilling Pairings with King’s Hawaiian Buns

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Consider your grill your outdoor kitchen for the season! With a bit of preparation, it’s surprising just how much you can cook on your grill, especially if it’s equipped with a side burner.

Here are some tips to help keep your grill going strong all summer long:

  • There’s nothing worse than starting dinner and running out of gas before it’s even half done (or, worse yet, finding you don’t have enough charcoal). Always keep an extra full tank of propane or bag of charcoal on hand and you’ll never have to worry about that again!
  • Rubbing the grates with vegetable oil or spraying with a nonstick spray designed for grills will make clean-up a breeze! (So will cleaning up right away after you’re done.)
  • If you can’t store your grill indoors when it’s not in use, invest in a decent cover to protect it from the elements. It’s worth every penny to ensure your grill lasts for years of pleasure.
  • Most importantly, keep close by when you’re grilling. A grill kept in good shape shouldn’t flare up much, but it does happen. Better to be there when it does so you can mitigate the damage.

Whatever you’re cooking up this summer, King’s Hawaiian Buns are the crowning achievement of all your dishes. It just wouldn’t be a cookout without them! So fire up the grill, don your “kiss the cook” apron, and grab your tongs — it’s time to get grilling with King’s Hawaiian Buns!

Hawaiian Pizza Dogs

With pineapple, pizza sauce, and bell pepper, Hawaiian Pizza Dogs put a real summer spin on your favorite pizza combination. No tip necessary!

Honey BBQ Tri-Tip Sandwich


You don’t need to grill to make a sandwich. But when it’s a Honey BBQ Tri-Tip Sandwich, it’s absolutely worth the effort. The quick pickles really put this over the top!