Top Rated Beet Soup Recipes

With their magnificient color, delicious flavor, and vitamin richness, beets are one of my favorite vegetables. In the summer I serve this soup at room temperature; in the winter I like it hot.
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Golden Beet Soup
If you can’t find a Golden Beet on your grocery store, you can certainly replace it with those lovely purple beets. They have similar flavors but the golden ones are slightly sweeter. Yum! Just be very careful and make sure you are using ripe beets for this recipe, you’ll know they are ripe when you cut them down and they have a bright yellow flavor as opposed to a pale color. Unripe beets taste bitter and they will ruin your soup.This Golden Beet Soup Recipe is dairy free, gluten free, vegetarian and vegan so if or any of your family members have dietary restrictions, you can serve this without any problem.For more great recipes like this one, visit Living Sweet Moments.
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Beet Soup with Ginger
This recipe comes from a damp, cold winter's dinner at Dar Nour — "House of Light" — inside Tanger’s dense, whitewashed Kasbah. In a dining room full of books, intimate photos of the city’s rich literary history, patterned Berber textiles, European antiques, and flickering candles, the silky, scarlet soup was presented in a heavy white tureen. It was smooth and warmingly piquant with ginger and a generous grating of black pepper. Perfect! Away from Tanger and its Mediterranean blues, I have been served very different versions of this soup. On a hot spring night at the edge of the vast palm groves in the southern oasis of Zagora, among dusty, pounded mud-and-straw pisé walls of an ancient house in the medina, the soup came slightly chilled and without the ginger, which allowed the earthy sweetness of the beets to come through stronger. That version tasted as perfect in Zagora as this warm, spicy version did in Tanger. See all beet recipes. Click here to see A Regional Approach to Moroccan Cooking.
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