Top Rated Beer Batter Recipes

Beloved filet-o-fish gets an upgrade with this vegan take on the sandwich that uses tempeh as the protein. Serve the dish with a side of chips or French fries to get your fast food fix from home.Reprinted (adapted) with permission from HOT FOR FOOD VEGAN COMFORT CLASSICS. Copyright ©2018 by Lauren Toyota. Published by Ten Speed Press, anim print of Random House, a division of Penguin Random House LLC.
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Chicken-Fried Steak
Chicken-fried steak is a staple in traditional Texas cooking. It features the lowly round steak, beaten with a mallet to a tender, even consistency, dredged in flour and batter and then fried. This “fried chicken” method is what gives this dish its famous name. Chicken-fried steak is always served with white pepper gravy. 
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beer-battered corn dog
While this recipe is specifically football friendly with its beer-infused batter, "try using merguez sausage with truffles next time," Micheal Ferraro says. It'll be one classy shindig.Recipe from Delicatessen.
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