Top Rated Beef Tartare Recipes

wagyu beef tartare
A true flavor savior, Chef Sunny Jin has infused Oregon truffles and truffle oil into numerous dishes served at his award-winning restaurant, Jory at the Allison Inn, in Newberg, Oregon. And like any good evangelist, he’s spreading the good word by sharing his favorite Oregon truffle oil recipes with The Daily Meal.“Truffle butter is a great accompaniment with fresh sliced bread, grilled corn on the cob, and also a great enhancement for mashed potatoes,” says Jin while munching on truffle-Parmesan popcorn which, he adds, “should be made fresh and enjoyed immediately with your favorite movie. And I recommend the truffled apple-fennel slaw for more than a side dish. This could possibly be my new favorite hotdog garnish!”
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Vietnamese Shaken Beef Tartare
Shaken beef is a traditional Vietnamese dish, typically "shaken" in a wok. Tartare is a classic French dish — chopped beef served raw. I’ve fused these two greats to come up with something I think you’ll find very cool — not to mention absolutely delicious. See all stir-fry recipes. Click here to see Fusion Cuisine, Tastefully Prepared.
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