Top Rated Baby Food Recipes

Chicken Parmesan Fries
Why didn't anyone tell me that breadcrumbs can stick to meat just fine without the time-consuming flour/egg/breadcrumb three-step process? News flash! Raw skinless chicken is very sticky and holds this whole-grain breading quite well! No need for frying here; I used my “faux fry” method of high-heat baking, using a generous coating of good-quality cooking spray oil to give these fries a nice crisp finish. A good pair of kitchen scissors is your best friend here for cutting the chicken into fry-shaped sticks.Click here to see 10 Back-to-School Recipes to Make Your Kids Happy
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These are a handy lunch box alternative to sandwiches and are loaded with hidden veggies! The Sneaky Chef mac and cheese formula is tried and true, and this turns it into a hand-held meal that can be popped into the kids’ lunch boxes. No fork is needed, as they are eaten just like a muffin. Kids don't mind them cold. Make ahead and freeze, take them out and put into the fridge the night before, and you are set to go.
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BBQ Chicken Mac 'n' Cheese
Sammy never liked taking chicken to school for lunch, but when I put this macaroni and cheese in her thermos (albeit, a gluten-free version), she came home and told me I had given her two of her favorite foods in one! I don't know who was happier — Sammy or her mother, who had managed to sneak in some more brain-boosting protein into her daughter's mac and cheese lunch! Maybe that's why she aced the math test! Click here to see 7 Quick Tips for Slimming Down Comfort Foods. Click here to see the Outstanding Mac and Cheese Recipes story.
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Because my kids are always asking for protein bars, I wanted to come up with a simpler, homemade, less processed version. I was so excited to come up with a delicious, easy-to-make, "mini-meal-replacement" bar. This one requires no baking, so it is a speedy staple for peanut-friendly houses or schools. These are great as an after-school or after-sports snack. 
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I used to walk right by the wonton wrappers in the produce section of my market, never having appreciated what a simple and versatile ingredient they are. But one day when all attempts to find the perfect, low-fat, pliable crust failed, I gave wonton wrappers a whirl, and boy, am I glad I did. They provide a ready-made pre-cut piece of dough with very few ingredients and no fat and work beautifully as a thin but sturdy crust for mini quiches and this savory lunchbox muffin.  
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Smoky Joe Slider
This is a smoky twist on a traditional “Sloppy Joe,” served up mini-style on slider buns. I especially love the subtle sweet flavor that blueberry adds to barbecue sauce — who knew? Because it isn't bound in a patty, you can also sneak much more nutritious purée into this dish.Click here to see 7 Quick Tips for Slimming Down Comfort Foods.
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These are great for the lunch box, especially for kids who are tired and bored with sandwiches. They get three top-notch veggies, three whole grains, calcium, and protein all in a portable package of a muffin. Kids love anything called "pizza." They are also a great after-school snack. 
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