Top Rated Arugula Pesto Recipes

Pesto is one of those amazing condiments in cooking because of the diverse amount of ingredients you can use to make it. Chef Lorenzo Boni of Barilla uses arugula instead of basil in this recipe to give the pesto a sharp bite. A subtle marinara sauce paired with the pesto and whole-grain pasta make these recipe flavorful and good for you, too. 
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Cello Cheese
Salty, herbaceous homemade pesto boosts the humble grilled cheese to unknown heights of deliciousness.This recipe is courtesy of Cello Cheese.
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Summer Peach and Arugula Panini
Recipe Courtesy of Arnold BreadThis sandwich delivers the taste of summer in every bite. Slices of fresh peaches combined with delicious flavors of arugula pesto and crunchy carrots make this panini a seasonal celebration. 
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Arugula Walnut Pesto
For a peppery twist, update your pesto recipe with a new classic: arugula and walnut! Serve tossed over fresh pasta or rubbed on toasty bread with a ribbon of Parmesan, a delicious topping for pizza or a beautiful frittata with a dollop of arugula pesto! Pesto with endless possibilities... I love using arugula, rocket or ruccola (depending on where you're from), not only for the peppery kick but also because it grows much faster & heartier in our garden than basil. Which means we can make it over & over again!!
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