Top Rated Apple Compote Recipes

Berry and Apple Compote
We've all heard it enough times to know that breakfast is an extremely important meal. However, kickstarting the day with something nutritious doesn't have to be bland or boring. This fruit compote is deceptively simple and equally delicious.  Try topping your oatmeal or cream of wheat with a spoonful or spreading some on a low-fat muffin. Brighten up your favorite yogurt by swirling in a scoop of compote — think of it as homemade "fruit on the bottom."  Make this recipe your own by switching up the fruit combinations and adding in dried fruits, nuts, and spices.  Click here to see 8 Healthy Breakfast Options.
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Roasted Apple Compote with Figs
This recipe is a delicious, easy, and interesting way to serve up the fall superstar, the apple. Apples are partnered with fresh figs and roasted into a sweet compote that tastes and smells like a perfect fall day. It's divine over a bowl of morning oatmeal, makes a wonderful warm fall dessert when served with a dollop of sour cream, or even a special after-school snack for some lucky kid.  Be sure to select the best apples for baking: on the softer, sweeter side is the Rome, all the way to the tart and firm Granny Smith. Personally, I seek out the Pink Lady variety — it's a good combo of the two, falling right in the middle in firmness and sweetness. See all fig recipes. 
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Ariane Daguin introduced the foie gras burger at her former New York City restaurant, D’Artagnan the Rotisserie, and it is the real deal: silky sautéed foie gras, sweet apples, and tart balsamic vinegar make it a decadent and indulgent dish that's worth it every time.
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Maple-Glazed Apple Fritter Waffles
Reap the bounties of fall with this scrumptious Apple Fritter Waffles with Maple Glaze recipe, adapted from cookbook author Jess Thomson, who co-wrote Top Pot Hand-Forged Doughnuts: Secrets and Recipes for the Home Baker. "Imagine the allure of a hot apple fritter — heady cinnamon, sweet glaze, and yeasty dough with just the right amount of chew. Here they are in waffle form, slathered with a maple syrup glaze that lets waffles and donuts meet in the middle without the mess of frying," Thomson says. To streamline your morning, make the batter and the apple compote the night before you plan to serve the waffles. See all waffle recipes.
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Cinnamon Apple Teff Porridge
With its pleasant flavor and distinct texture, think of teff porridge as oatmeal with soul. An excellent source of both calcium and vitamin C, this Ethiopian whole grain is a great way to start your day. Cinnamon and nutmeg perfectly complement its natural nutty sweetness, while warm apple compote makes this breakfast porridge as delicious as it is healthy.  Click here to see Quinoa and Beyond: 7 Great Recipes.
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Apple Compote
Though there’s a case that the dessert that follows a supper of soft, savory stew ought to feature some crunch, I got stuck on the theme and wound up stewing apples — in sugar, lemon zest, and their own juice — just as Phoebe before me had stewed her chicken. While you can serve this as a dessert as I did, topped with vanilla ice cream and a crisp-like topping, we also like to serve this atop crunchy Cornmeal-Crusted French Toast.
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