Top Rated Alfalfa Sprout Recipes

Carrot Bacon Club
Recipe Courtesy of Chef Ryan Scott and Arnold BreadThe taste of harissa-dressed avocados crunched up against homemade carrot bacon, with earthy alfalfa sprouts and jack cheese will make you wonder why you ever wanted bacon!
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Mike’s Breakfast Wrap
Inspired by the "Mike’s Breakfast," a morning bagel sandwich on the secret menu at Espresso Love (Martha’s Vineyard — Edgartown, Mass.), this wrap takes the summer favorite to another level. I’ve added to the original Mike’s Breakfast flavors of avocado, cream cheese, and tomato, with other fresh and hearty complements like turkey bacon and shredded carrots. See all avocado recipes. Click here to see 9 Quick and Easy Wrap Recipes.
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Greek-Inspired Wrap
Greek cuisine is all about simplicity, and with less than 10 ingredients, this is about as simple as it gets. A mouthwatering combination of perfectly seared lamb with a golden brown, savory crust, seasoned with some dried oregano, and salty, tangy feta makes for a delicious wrap. It really pays to use some good feta; I used Bulgarian feta in brine. See all recipes with feta. Click here to see 9 Quick and Easy Wrap Recipes.
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Roast Beef and Cheddar Sandwich
Well, it doesn't get any easier than this. Roast beef and Cheddar are a classic combination. I guess you could call this a healthy version since it uses whole-grain bread and sprouts. Feel free to substitute whatever greens you like. See all sandwich recipes.
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