Instant Pot

20 Easy Instant Pot Recipes Perfect For Summer

This multi-cooker is the answer to saving you time in the kitchen
Instant Pot

With the warmer months on the horizon, you should be planning to maximize your time outdoors rather than in the kitchen. But how do we enjoy more time doing fun summer actives and still have the energy to prepare a meal for ourselves or for loved ones? The solution is simple: Use your Instant Pot.

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Planning on going to the beach for the day, but still want to cook a healthy dinner later that night? No problem, just prepare all your ingredients and set your Instant Pot to the specified recipe setting before you leave, and by the time you return, you’ll have a delicious dinner waiting for you.

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This multi-cooker has the ability to cook just about anything. From pizza dough to cheesecake and, of course, ribs, you will be surprised how much this magical kitchen tool can pump out. So be sure to invest in an Instant Pot (or borrow your best friend’s) if you don’t already own one, and be sure to try these 20 easy instant pot recipes perfect for summer.