10 Meals to Make in 30-Minutes (or Less) During a Busy Week

When it comes to dinner, don’t stress — you can have a delicious meal on the table in 30-minutes or less

A hearty and delicious one pot meal of mussels and chorizo. 

After a long day at work, making a meal may feel like a marathon that you won’t be able to finish. It’s tempting to spread peanut butter and jelly on bread and call it dinner, but there are simpler and more satisfying recipes that will minimize the time you spend in the kitchen preparing dinner.

You may be skeptical of 30-minute meals, but they are possible. These 10 recipes are the real deal — and provide a more satisfying end result than a PB&J.

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Mushroom tacos, shrimp, soup, and salmon burgers are all recipes that you can conquer in 30-minutes or less. Shrimp only takes about six minutes to make on the stovetop — you can add honey and hot sauce to your shrimp for a spicy sweet kick. Serve with a quick arugula salad and dinner will be on the table in about 10 minutes. If you want a heartier dish try these salmon burgers for dinner. Combine canned salmon with eggs, bread crumbs, onions, and peppers; form the salmon mixture into patties and cook on the stovetop. You can serve your delicious salmon burgers with lettuce, tomatoes, arugula and a squeeze of lemon.

Making a meal in 30-minutes or less is possible with the right recipes and a little planning. Here are a few quick and easy recipes that will have dinner on the table in a hurry for those busy nights:

15-Minute White Bean Soup with a Soft-Boiled Egg Recipe

Photo Modified: Flickr / Rachel Hathaway / CC BY 4.0

A delicious white bean soup made in 15 minutes.

Have dinner on the table in 15 minutes with this dish. This recipe requires only a few easy-to-find ingredients — broth, beans, greens, and eggs. You can use any type of mild greens, like spinach, chard, collard, kale, or turnip that you prefer in this simple and delicious recipe that you can make for your family when you’re in a bind.

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30 Minute Paella

Photo Modified: Flickr / Philippe Gama / CC BY 4.0

A paella recipe that can be on the table in 30 minutes.

There are really no limits to the ways you can prepare paella. One thing not to compromise on, however, is the quality of the seafood for this recipe. Look for fresh, wild-caught shrimp — they have better flavor. Add in chunks of cod, mussels, or scallops for variation. You’ll have a hearty and delicious dish on the table in 30 minutes.


For the 30 Minute Paella recipe, click here.