baby back ribs


10 All-American Recipes that Your Tailgate Needs

All-Ameican Tailgating Recipes
baby back ribs


Ribs are the ultimate finger food for football loving fans.

There is no more food-focused season than tailgate season.  Sure the holidays are all about a good meal but what is set out on a holiday table is somewhat expected. Tailgating menus change from week to week and feature specialties that may even rotate depending on the teams playing. There is nothing like Cincinnati style chili for a Bengals game and it wouldn’t be football Sunday for an Eagles fan without a Philly cheese steak.

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When designing your menu, think about mobility. Easy to handle foods like heroes and burgers are great choices. Ball Park hamburger buns are ideal for hearty sandwiches like Angus burgers, sliders, and veggie patties because they hold up to stacking of ingredients. Also, they taste great. Swap out hot dogs with sausage, place on a Ball Park hot dog bun and cut in quarters and you’ve got sausage sliders that are sure to be a fan favorite. Also, choose ingredients that will travel well and pack lots of flavor. Ripe peppers, onions, plump juicy tomatoes, and crisp bags of lettuce are all items that are ideal for adding layers of flavor to your dish. They are easy to transport in a cooler and even easier to prep – just be sure to buy them pre-rinsed or wash them before you head out.

Fruits like avocado are easy to transform into a chip-friendly dip that can be seasoned to suit a variety of taste buds from sweet to savory.

Prefer a hot tailgating meal? Bring along a crock-pot filled with diced veggies like carrots, celery, onions, potatoes, and beans. Then, once you arrive, plug it in and add your liquid (some stock, water, wine, and sauce). Come halftime, you’ve got a stew worth swooning over. And you’ve got to have all American favorites like burgers and hot dogs available and ready to grill. Serve them on Ball Park buns and with condiments like pickles, ketchup, and mustard for a traditional and delicious meal.


Ready to give tailgating the attention it deserves? These are the must-have all American tailgating recipes for your repertoire.