The Best Recipes from St. Croix

A roundup of recipes from the St. Croix Food & Wine Experience featuring both local and celebrity chefs

Taste of St. Croix

Every year, both local and internationally renowned chefs gather for the annual St. Croix Food & Wine Experience held on the beautiful island of St. Croix. Set in an idyllic location on the beach just as the sun is setting, the Taste of St. Croix is the culmination of the festival and showcases over 60 dishes from local artisans. However, throughout the week, private dinners, beachside food competitions, and barbecues are held and filled with both island and celebrity chefs cooking magnificent dishes like Lime & Coconut Ceviche and local lobster and steak surf-and-turf.

Chefs like Ana Sortun, Anita Lo, Tiffany Derry, and Michael Ferraro fly in to participate and share some of their culinary knowledge, but this doesn’t mean they aren’t matched by the exquisite talents of local chefs from St. Croix and the neighboring islands of St. Thomas and St. John.

Here, we’ve gathered a mix of both local and celebrity recipes to give you a taste of what you missed out on. You can always attend the festival yourself next year, but in the meantime, try one of these delicious recipes at home to carry you through the year. 


Bay Scallop Martini

An unusual and decadent way to serve scallops from chef Kevin Rathbun.




The Best Burger

The winning entrée during the 2011 Taste of St. Croix. 




Sugarcane Spritzer 

A refreshing beachside cocktail that showcases local Cruzan rum.




Mac Lobsta

A decadent and creamy dish from New York chef Michael Ferraro.  




Mahimahi and Radicchio "Ceviche"

Top Chef Tiffany Derry makes this tasty dish. 



Cruzan Senepol Steak and Local Lobster

This ultimate surf-and-turf dish is a must try. 




Monfongo is a popular Puerto Rican treat that's used in this recipe by chef Roberto Trevino.