The Best of… Memorial Day

The official start to your summer and party season is about to arrive
Get inspired for the start of summer!
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Get inspired for the start of summer!

The sun is beaming, the flags are raised, and summer is about to officially commence. Happy Memorial Day Weekend — well, not quite yet, but very soon!

While beaches will be booming and pools finally packed, the grill will be hot and ready to go. Celebrate with friends and family this year with an added patriotic flair — add stars and stripes to your décor as well as to your menu.

Don’t forget that red, white, and blue can be found everywhere — on pool floats, in fruit salads, in cocktails, and even on aprons. Get creative, get festive, and remember to have a blast. Because Memorial Day is the official kick-off to summer, we’re sure there will be a lot to do pre- and post-partying, so don’t be afraid to assign jobs to guests! 

If you’re in need of a little inspiration, head over to our Best of…Memorial Day board on Pinterest.

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