The Best Kosher Wines for the High Holy Days

Kosher wine picks you'll want to drink year-round
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Check out this list of the best kosher wines.

Now that we know why kosher wine is no longer the outcast at the dinner table, it's time to indulge in some kosher wine picks for the High Holy Days.

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What to look for? Fortunately, Master Sommelier Evan Goldstein says, just about any varietal can be made kosher these days. "There are not any per se 'typical' varietals — once you leave the crazy world of concord grapes and Manischewitz," he says. To be sure that it is truly kosher, he says, you should look for the term "mevushal" on the label. "After a wine goes through this mevushal process, it remains kosher no matter who touches/serves it," he says, noting that most kosher wines made in the U.S. are meshuval. 

Our picks for kosher wines are from a globe-trotting list: from Israel's burgeoning wine regions, to the established Napa Valley, these wines are as diverse as any wine list. And more bars are featuring kosher wines, like New York City's Tangled Vine Wine Bar and Kitchen. "There are far more producers in many more places making wines that are kosher and at the super premium end, which means more entries available to the public," Goldstein says. 

Check out these top kosher wines from Lauren Buzzeo, Christopher Sawyer, and our other wine experts for your Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur dinners. You'll want to sip on these wines year-round.