The Best of Halloween Burgers

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The Best of Halloween Burgers

No one does Halloween like Americans, but we don’t seem to have the hang of great Halloween burgers. Burger King did a black Halloween burger here last year but this year, nothing. Its Singapore operation, however, has a wild Zom-B burger. The Local Burger Co. in Melbourne, Australia, has a burger black bun, black chili and black hot sauce. We’re falling behind, people! But enjoy the weekend anyway.

Ham Holy RomeHam Holy Burger, Rome, Italy
Scream Burger

Piedmont fassona burger patty (180 g/6.3 oz.), bacon, chopped mushrooms, pumpkin puree and fontina cheese, corn salad, julienne carrots, mustard; served in a pumpkin-infused sandwich bun

Ground Burger HalloweenGround Burger Bar, Newmarket, Ont.
Are You Afraid of the Dark?

Ground beef patty, boo berry aïoli, roasted red peppers, American Cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion and pickle

Local Burger Co.The Local Burger Co., Melbourne, Australia
Black Beast Burger

Black brioche bun, black chili cheese and black special hot sauce

Jake Melnick'sJake Melnick’s Corner Tap, Chicago
Halloween Horror
Hand packed 9-oz. habanero & Cheddar beef patty, topped with pepper-Jack cheese, guacamole, fried poblano, candied jalapeňos and ghost pepper mayo


 bk_sing_zom-bBK, Singapore
Zom-B Burgers
Oozing with spicy Zom-B pepper sauce, featuring mysterious buns baked with black pepper and available in chicken or beef

halfman_vampireHalf Man Half Burger, Leonards, England
The Vampire Slayer

Two patties, Murder Mushrooms in Blood Red Wine, Killer Roasted Garlic and Parsley Mayo, Monterey Jack o’ Latern Cheese, Rocket Horror

dognvillhalloweenDøgnvill Burger, Oslo, Norway
Cattle Burger

180 g/6.3 oz. of pumpkin purée, blue cheese, bacon, sriracha mayo and fried sage

hungryjack_halloween-whopperHungry Jack’s (BK), Australia
Halloween Whopper

Cheesy bun, beef, BBQ sauce, bacon and melted cheese

lotteria-halloeen3-jpgLotteria, Japan
Halloween Cheese Burger

Beef patty, Gouda and red Cheddar cheese, “purple magic” cheese sauce

Twisted Burger Co.Twisted Burger Co., Sheffield, England
The Death Eater

Hungarian Horntail Dragon Patty, Buffalo Hippgriff Thigh, Polyjuice Mayo, Forbidden Forest Mushrooms, Unicorn Blood Cheese, Red Chard Lettuce

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