15 Best Food Scenes in Movies

The most memorable food-related moments in film history

Willy Wonka

• Hook — The Lost Boys are no strangers to the art of wishful thinking. In this scene, the crew teaches Peter Pan to conjure a feast with the strength of imagination. 


• Pulp Fiction — Is the "Royal with Cheese" scene not one of the most heralded food moments in modern cinema? It's more charming than that Arnold on Green Acres, that's for sure.


• The Breakfast Club — One of the most telling uses of character development in this iconic film is in what each of the students brings with them for lunch — from sushi to Pixy Stix. 


• L.A. Story — This scene pokes fun at the LA restaurant scene. In order to get a table at L'idiot, the potential patrons are subjected to an interview, weeks in advance of their desired reservation. Lucky diners are treated to rapping waiters, miniscule portion sizes, and an overwhelmingly uncomfortable experience. 










• Stand By Me — Barf-O-Rama. You know the scene. Stephen King's classic blueberry pie revenge.