The Best Food-Related Calendars for 2013

Check out these ways to get your food fix every month of the year
2013 New York Food Trucks Calendar
Jane Bruce

Great food calendars for 2013

While it might seem a bit quaint to have an actual hanging calendar in this age of iPhones and Outlook, there’s still room in every life (and every kitchen) for a good old-fashioned wall calendar.

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We here are obviously partial to everything food-related, especially when it comes to what we hang up on our walls (yes, there are hanging pictures of food all over our offices and homes). And when it comes time to replace last year’s calendar, our thoughts automatically turn to food.


That’s why as 2012 comes to a close, we decided to assemble a list of our personal favorite food-related calendars. Our selection includes a few that feature straight-up gorgeous photos of food, a few that transform food into whimsical non-food items, and a few that feature recipes and other useful tools for every month of 2013. Whatever you decide on, we’re certain that these will bring the joy of food into one more aspect of your daily life. Enjoy!