I Eat Mainely Lobster from Best Food Nail Polish Names Slideshow

Best Food Nail Polish Names Slideshow


I Eat Mainely Lobster

Perfect name for a perfect shade of red. 


The Germany Collection

(From left to right) My Very First Knockwurst, Don’t Pretzel My Buttons, & Berlin There Done That — figures. 

Stephanie Nguyen

Hands Off My Kielbasa

OK, OK — don't be so bossy about it. 


Gouda, Gouda Two Shoes

We're still trying to figure out the color connection on this one.

Chic on the Street


A little dark for pepperoni, but a great name nonetheless.

Dizzy Nails

Pudding Lane Sprinkles

A nail party in itself from Nails Inc.


Raisin the Bar

We can't stop picturing the California raisins.

Powder Rooms

Blowing Raspberries

This one is a perfect pun and a matching shade in one bottle.

Swatch and Learn

My Paprika Is Hotter Than Yours

So hot.

Polish or Perish

I Have a Herring Problem

Our favorite name by far is from OPI's Holland Collection.

Polish or Perish

Candy Shop

This shade is exactly what we imagined when hearing the name.

Blush Rush

Tea and Crumpets

Another shade and name match up. Ready for tea time?

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Best Food Nail Polish Names Slideshow