Best Countries for Drinking Beer

Drinking a beer is always better when you have a good drinking buddy

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People love beer the world over.

If you’re headed away for a holiday, chances are you’ll want to throw back a few beers and say “cheers!” to the freedom and pleasure that traveling brings. And though the occasional, laid-back beer at home is enjoyable, you’ll probably want to soak up the local atmosphere and find a good crowd to make that beer taste even better.

So, where are the best countries to drink a beer? The ones with the best drinking buddies of course!


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It gets mighty cold in Poland, and the Poles know that the best way to stay warm is getting toasty with a beer.


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Yes, this Eastern European country loves to throw back a beer or two, which means you’re pretty likely to always find a drinking buddy.


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Oh, Australia. Mate, you know you’ll never be without a beer, or a pal, in Australia. Go for a schooner (that’s their pint), sit yourself down at any pub, and you’ll make friends in no time.


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Oktoberfest, anyone? Germans love drinking year-round, and we all know that biergartens are the best way to enjoy a boot of beer.

Czech Republic

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The Czech people love their beer. In fact, they love their beer so much that they drink the most beer of everyone in Europe!