Best of… Christmas in July

Celebrate everyone’s favorite time of the year during the summer

Christmas in July is here!

Snow will surely not fall for a while, but we’re somehow singing Christmas carols and looking to build a snow — er — sandman. 

We, and the rest of America, are deeming it Christmas in July. If you’re missing the holiday cheer just a bit, don’t fret — let’s celebrate the most wonderful time of year a few months early.

How to do that? Well, we’ve got your back on all things hot and holiday — gathered together to help you throw a themed party.

Think melting snowman cookies, a bad Christmas sweater contest, a pie swap — the works.

Take those lazy summer days and get creative: decorate the house for a few days, play secret Santa, and make red and green dishes to give a warm-weathered atmosphere an extra boost. 

Head to our Pinterest board for some brilliant ideas on getting hyped for the holidays a little early — all right five months, but who’s counting?