Best Celebrities to Share a Meal with at a Baseball Game

Jennifer Lawrence and Mark Wahlberg were chosen as America's baseball snack sweethearts
Best Celebrities to Share a Meal with at a Baseball Game
Facebook/Mark Wahlberg/Jennifer Lawrence

Mark Wahlberg and Jennifer Lawrence beat out other celebrities like Tina Fey, Jerry Seinfeld, and Beyoncé.

According to an incredibly specific poll from Aramark (which manages concessions at nine Major League Baseball stadiums), the two celebrities that Americans would most like to share a meal with at a baseball game are Jennifer Lawrence and Mark Wahlberg.

Tina Fey, Beyoncé, Jerry Seinfeld, and Jimmy Fallon were among the other celebrity contenders who lost out to America’s baseball sweethearts.

Mark Wahlberg scored 16 percent of the overall vote, while Jennifer Lawrence snagged 15 percent. Among women, Wahlberg actually tied Jimmy Fallon with 14 percent of the vote, followed by Jennifer Lawrence at 13 percent and Kelly Ripa who came in with 11 percent.

As for men, Wahlberg and Lawrence tied for the top spot at 18 percent, followed by Beyoncé at 14 percent and Jerry Seinfeld with 12 percent.

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Not surprisingly, Jennifer Lawrence ranked the highest among millennial’s between the ages of 18-29 with 22 percent  while Kelly Ripa did best among adults aged 50 and older, garnering 15 percent.

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