Best Burgers? Time To Make a List

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Best Burgers? Time To Make a List

Nine of the best cheeseburgers in America can be had in New York City? I don’t think so, but it’s The Daily Meal’s list, not mine. Everybody gets to have their own opinions and their own lists, as evidenced by the recent flurry of “Best of” compilations. It’s that time of year.

The Daily Meal’s roundup of top cheeseburgers includes few from burger bars and more from upscale restaurants that may have one good burger on the menu alongside steaks (Peter Luger, New York City) or mesquite-grilled salmon (Zuni Café, San Francisco). Craigie on Main in Cambridge, Mass., and Holeman & Finch Public House in Atlanta are both famed for doling out only a few precious cheeseburgers per night. They make the list. DuMont Burger and Bill’s Bar & Burger, two of the nine NYC restaurants on the list, are the only two that proudly put “burger” in their names. What’s No. 1? Chicago’s Au Cheval. Not No. 1 on my list of Chicago burgers, but that’s me.

Holeman & Finch's cheeseburger

Holeman & Finch’s cheeseburger

Reinforcing the proposition that everyone has their own opinions is Gothamist’s list of New York City. None of the nine NYC burgers on The Daily Meal’s list are also on Gothamist’s, and I love that. It shows how many great burgers there are not just in New York City but everywhere people with taste congregate. Gothamist goes for the obscure, such as The Fedora Burger at Bar Sardine, but also includes that New Yorkiest of chain concepts, Shake Shack.

The Gothamist’s Chicago sibling, Chicagoist, has picked its 12 best burgers, too. Au Cheval is there again, along with burger bars DMK, The Bad Apple and some interesting neighborhood joints, but no chains.

LAist does put chains—In-N-Out Burger and Umami—in its list of the city’s best burgers. It overlooked The Oinkster but found well-earned slots for burger bars Grill ‘Em All, Stout Burgers & Beer, Plan Check Kitchen & Bar, Father’s Office and Apple Pan.

Au Cheval's burger

Au Cheval’s burger

DCist’s dozen includes Five Guys (local hero?) but also Good Stuff Eatery and Ray’s Hellburger.

Zagat’s list this week ranks the most expensive burgers in Atlanta. A $29 beauty at Atlas restaurant takes the top spot.

Then there’s Foursquare. It, too, has a new burger list, compiling “9 Insanely Awesome Burgers.” These are “the out-there versions that get you talking; the burgers that garner word-of-mouth buzz from locals and experts alike.” Somehow, Des Moines’ buzzy Zombie Burger + Drink Lab only makes it to No. 2, behind The NoMad Bar in, surprise, New York City. The rest: Gordon Ramsay BurGR, Las Vegas; Ramen Burger Booth, Brooklyn; Crave Real Burgers, Highlands Ranch, Colo.; Crabtree’s Kittle House, Chappaqua, N.Y.; B&B Winepub, New York City; Jeepney Filipino Gastropub, New York City; and Roam Artisan Burgers in San Francisco.

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