Best Brews to Drink to Celebrate Session Beer Day

Favorite low-alcohol brews to drink April 7

It just seems so fitting that Session Beer Day (April 7) should fall on a Saturday in spring.

After all, these are beers generally characterized as flavorful, interesting brews with a low enough alcohol content to allow you to drink several at a time and no regret it the next morning. (OK, maybe make that several within reason.) For those unfamiliar with the genre, session beers are those that clock in around 4- to 5- percent alcohol by volume — a relative drop in the barrel when compared to the many popular high-alcohol brews with ABVs that hang out in the teens. 

In short, these are perfect all-day-drinking beers. Better yet, they're not restricted to just one style of beer — you can find everything from pale ales and nut brown ales to dry stouts and lagers — so there's sure to be a great choice no matter your preference. 

Here are recommendations for 12 favorites to celebrate the day!