Best Up-And-Coming Boston Bands

Best Up-And-Coming Boston Bands

Boston has always been a hub of creativity and innovation. Many times, this creativity manifests in the form of music – especially since Boston is home to some of the best music colleges in the country, such as Berkeley. Sprinkled around the city are fun, small venues where local bands are featured nightly. Next time you head out to hear some live music, keep an eye out for these awesome, up-and-coming Boston-based bands.


(Image: Bearstronaut)


Bearstronaut is the perfect band to listen to when easing into the local music scene. Their rock-pop jams are super catchy and you’ll immediately wonder why they’re not super famous. This “Boston-based electronic-pop quartet has made a name in their hometown for sparking instant dance parties.” The group came together in 2009 and has built a loyal fan base in the area playing at venues like Great Scott and TT the Bear’s Place. They’re great live and put on an engaging show. Music lovers are sure to leave with a host of new songs stuck in their heads. They’re album is on Spotify – enjoy!

 Animal Talk)

(Image: Animal Talk)

Animal Talk

Close friends of Bearstronaut, Animal Talk has been on a similar music scene since 2011. Anther high-energy group, Animal Talk’s sounds is often referred to as “post-dance rock.” The upbeat indie band has had shows all over the city and continues to have great live performances in Allston, Cambridge and beyond. The Boston Globe perfectly described their album as “a soulful R&B vocal take filtered through an indie-rock context.”

 Kingsley Flood)

(Image: Kingsley Flood)

Kingsley Flood

In 2010, Boston-based band Kingsley Flood released their first album titled “Dust Windows.” Since then, they’ve also released an EP and been recognized by the Boston Music Awards. They have also had the chance to open for some renowned bands which has helped grow their following. And while the band is touring up and down the East Coast this winter, they will be playing at the Sinclair in Cambridge on January 30, 2015 in celebration of their latest album.

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 Bent Shapes/Mary Lewey

(Image: Bent Shapes/Mary Lewey

Bent Shapes

Bent Shapes, formerly known as Girlfriends, is another Boston-based indie band worth checking out. Their signature clean sound is mixed with elements of Euro-punk, resulting in something completely unique. They play around the Northeast, frequenting TT the Bear’s Place and other venues where people are eager to hear new music. Their sound has evolved a lot since their days as Girlfriends, and now appeals to a wider audience. Their “jangly” guitar melodies and choruses have helped gain more and more recognition over the years.

 Pale Hands)

(Image: Pale Hands)

Pale Hands

Pale Hands is more pop-influenced than many other small bands, and their sound is refreshing and inventive. They also include elements of electronic music and blues to create beautifully sad melodies with lots of depth – like a mature version of Lorde with an electronic influence. Pale Hands has also been compared to Cocteau Twins, CHVRCHES and David Lynch. Pale Hands, though Boston-based, is currently on tour, so sadly, we may have to wait a while for their next show in our backyard. Keep an eye on their website for upcoming tour dates.

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