Ben & Jerry’s Unveils New York’s “Borough Brew” Flavor

New Yorkers voted on the ingredients and the name

Ben & Jerry's gives us a taste of New York City-inspired "Borough Brew."

On Friday, Ben & Jerry’s presented their New York-inspired ice cream at a one-time-only tasting event at Pier 57 along the Hudson River. Their “City Churned” campaign has brought them to the Big Apple to create the local, crowd-sourced “Borough Brew.”

Ben & Jerry’s analyzed public transportation data, tweets, and traffic patterns to determine flavor ideas, and New Yorkers voted for their favorite ingredients. The end result is a Six Point Brewery beer-infused 3BEANS vanilla ice cream with Spoonable Caramels’ butterscotch swirl, Greyston Bakery’s brownies, and Liddabit Sweets’ caramel corn.

“We’re creating flavors for five cities this summer as part of this year’s City Churned project, and we are heading to Portland and Seattle after New York,” Ben & Jerry’s Flavor Guru Eric Fredette told The Daily Meal. The Ben & Jerry’s team has already created flavors for the first two cities, Washington, D.C. and San Francisco. The D.C. flavor, “Capitol Chill,” had chocolate ice cream with chocolate cornflake clusters, marshmallow and caramel swirls, and Route 11 sweet potato chip. San Francisco’s “San Fran-tastic,” on the other hand, had caramel ice cream with graham crackers, Kika’s Treats chocolate-covered crackers, TCHO’s milk chocolate, and marshmallow. When asked if he prefers New York’s flavor or the one created for the other two cities, he said,  “That’s a hard one, but I’d choose New York.”

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Although there are currently no plans to make more of the “Borough Brew,” it still may happen. “We never say never.” Fredette said. New Yorkers just might get another taste of this boozy ice cream someday, and we hope they do: it’s sweet, salty, and slightly smoky.