Belmar Beach

Beach, Surf Spot
16th Ave. (Ocean Ave)
Belmar, NJ 07719



  • if you come before 9, you get in fo' free! WOO!
  • Fist pump as much as possible.
  • Lifeguards are tools
  • Kids 15 and under are free. $7 for day pass if you are 16 and older. Free parking but get there early for a close walk. Sit near dunkin donuts and send the kids to get iced lattes/coffee coolattas.
  • Really busy, dirty beach. Want a relaxing fun day with the family? Go to Bradley or ocean grove instead. Cheaper too.
  • There was a shark on 16th today! At least 3 feet long!
  • Mostly locals on this end
  • Swimmers and spear fishers stay out of the kayak only area cause I'm a paddling!
  • Apply sun tan lotion
  • catch me if you can
  • Boardwalk is good for a couple mile run.
  • Yeah because you know my problems in life, I was just pointing out the simple fact that it's unfair that you can be mayor of 5 beaches at once which is obviously untrue.
  • Do the chicken cutlet here!!
  • No smoking, pllllllllllease.
  • they don't let you bring food on the beach...and the sand is extremely hot
  • Get a cold Pepsi at the 7-11
  • Say hi to lifeguard pat!
  • Its very sandy
  • Don't even bother looking for parking by the yourself some time and park a mile away.
  • Has a playground and coffee for the 'rents.

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