Zürich, Zürich 8001


  • Lovely meeting up with friends at the opening party of Milchbar am Bellevue, Zurich, Switzerland.
  • Pretty evening view, no?
  • Take a walk starting from the lakefront by the Opera House, then across the Quaibrcke, and keep walking through the Arboretum park. Beautiful walk in late spring and summer.
  • Try the best bratwurst in town at Sternen Grill
  • don't have a coffee @ caf felix (bellevue) way overpriced and not good
  • Have a cafe at Belcaf, really good!
  • Feed the duck at the lake with the bread from Sternen Grill when you're on no carb's diet ;)
  • Sehr guter Espresso, schmeckt noch besser wenn gratis:
  • Splash record! Did you know: Zurich has the most public fountains in the world!
  • Unbedingt einen Spaziergang am Zrisee machen!
  • More a place to transition to others, but great for luxury car spotting and close the lake and old town, cafs, bars and tourist spots
  • Good place
  • Fantastic walk around the lake during summers
  • der maronnihndler auf der brcke ist nicht zu empfehlen :(
  • have an Espresso at the caff bellevue
  • Try a burger at Cafe Odeon!
  • gerumige Haltestelle, um auch bei Regen trocken zu warten
  • Encontramos uma pizza barata por
  • Nice walk around
  • Easily reachable by trams, and close to Brkliplatz and the city center

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