Is Being Obese Better Than Being Underweight? And More News

In today's Media Mix, iced ramen is trending, plus the Wahlberg brothers are expanding à la Panera
Media Mix
Arthur Bovino

The Daily Meal brings you the biggest news from the food world.

Cup Noodles... Iced? Apparently, hot summers in Japan means instant ramen is getting iced, and people are liking it. Especially good? Cup Noodle Light. [Reuters]

Obesity Healthier Than Being Underweight: A new study found that being underweight might be more dangerous than being overweight. Is it dinner time? [Gawker]

Learn to Plate: Pastry chef Michael Laiskonis demonstrates how to create a beautiful plate, namely, a Greek yogurt panna cotta. [Gilt Taste]

Wahlburgers Expanding: Former Panera hot shot Rick Vanzura is set "to lead the expansion of Wahlburgers." So... Panera Breads are kind of everywhere now. [Grub Street]

Gelato Museum in the Works: Apparently, a gelato museum is opening in Italy, showcasing the first written recipe and all sorts of gadgets used to make the dessert. [The Telegraph]