Beijing Pie House

846 E Garvey Ave #A (btwn S Orange Ave & S New Ave)
Monterey Park, CA 91755
(626) 288-3818


  • You'll probably start with a cold appetizer...You will get an order of the thick, handmade noodles...But we know why we're here. And as promised, xian bing are hot when you pick them up ~Jonathan Gold
  • Lemme break the menu down...Homeland meat pie - pork meatBig plate noodle - Asian style spaghetti (beef)
  • So good ! Just like Beijing's food
  • The spicy tripe salad was the best tripe Ive ever had!
  • Lamb pie (!!) with a flaky crust that is delicate but surprisingly holds up and keeps the super savory soup inside until youre ready for it.
  • Beef rice rolls and lamb pie - everything is pretty heavy so use the spice and vinegar as acid to cut through
  • Veggie pie
  • Pan fried dumplings are best, but they sell meat pies it seems mostly. Green onion pancake is tasty to any palate.
  • Here you'll find hockey puck-sized lamb pies known as xian bing. These innocent-seeming specialties of northern China dont looklike theyre hiding scalding-hot lamb broth inside, but they are.
  • chang/gold recco summer squash and lamb pie
  • The pies are giant doughy dumplings. Stand them up vertically in/on your spoon to capture their soupy filling.
  • Start your meal with a cold appetizer or two: a plate of sliced celery spiked with soaked peanuts, or a little sliced loaf of bean curd with soy sauce and slivered scallions.
  • Great green onion pancake. Decent xlb
  • Beef xian bing
  • Pork and green onion pie is my favourite!
  • Leek and Pork pie was prime, and i highly suggest it. They have fancy noodles here.
  • Try the Homeland Meat Cake -
  • Must order meat pie!
  • Greg Henry suggests ordering the Pork with Summer Squash Chinese Hand Pie and Homeland Meat Cake.

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