Beer Icicle Hits Market and More News

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In today's Media Mix, the unoriginal trend of comparing food to women, plus could space science improve beer?
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This new gadget will keep your beers (and sodas) cool, meaning you can drink as slowly as you want.

The Daily Meal brings you the biggest news from the food world.

Space Tech and Beer: The Space Foundation has teamed up with Colorado breweries to discuss how space technology could help improve beer in the areas of fermentation and refrigeration. Science! Exploring the universe and the hoppy world of beer. [Colorado Springs Independent]

Icicle for Beer: First it was the Corkcicle for wine, and now there are mini beersicles to keep your beer cold without diluting it. [This Is Why I'm Broke]

Food Metaphors: Here is an excellent piece on why comparing food to women is problematic and sexist. [Slate]

Watermelon Outfits: Making baby outfits out of watermelons is apparently all the rage in China. Adorbs. [Kotaku]

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Coffee Pod Lawsuit: Nestle is fighting a ruling in the UK that ruled in favor of a rival, Dualit, saying it infringes on their intellectual property of Nespresso compatible pods. [Food Navigator]