Beer Community Responds to Budweiser Super Bowl Commercial

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Beer Community Responds to Budweiser Super Bowl Commercial

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Yesterday the Beer Community responded to Budweiser’s now infamous Super Bowl commercial attacking the craft beer community and perhaps inadvertently shitting on Elysian Brewing. Responses ranged far and wide from spoof videos to instagram photo comebacks and hijacking of the ADs #thehardway hashtag. Critics were split between calling the AD a PR nightmare or an ingenious advertising move. In one swoop Budweiser has launched a hugely buzzed about commercial that garnered opinion pieces from the likes of Fortune Magazine and AdAge and also stoked the flames of the beer community in anger and retaliation. We have collected some of the best responses so far, feel free to leave comments with links to any we might have missed.

Videographers from Corvallis, Oregon at Hopstories quickly put together this rebuttal piece that mimics the beers from the original Super Bowl commercial.

From local independent stalwarts and member of Oregon brewing royalty – Double Mountain Brewery and Brewmaster/Owner Matt Swihart.


Louisiana based Abita Brewing also put out a short little vid in the same style as Bud’s mocking their macro beer sentiments.

New Belgium Brewing shared this image on their social media.


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Even Miller-Coors got into Budweiser shaming game.


Perhaps most sadly, Dick Cantwell a co-owner of Elysian Brewing who was the last to go along with their sale to Budweiser was surprised and dismayed to catch the Super Bowl AD inadvertently dissing one of their brews according to the Chicago Tribune.

Overall it’s probably a big PR win for Budweiser but also serves to rally the beer geeks against them.

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